License Our Training Curriculum

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We can help you to conduct your own training using an established curriculum. You may license our content to provide professional development using your own trainer(s).  You can deliver the training material as is, or adapt it to your needs.*


  • Allows you to choose your own trainer and methods.
  • Content can be used for online or in person training.*
  • Content can be used for guided or self-study learning
  • Cost savings over developing content internally or outsourcing
What is Included


  •  All content notes and suggested methods of presentation.
  • A PowerPoint
  • Master copy of all handouts or links to online content (if applicable).
  • A list of supplies needed (if applicable).
  • Tools for assessment
  • Certificate template
  • Training record template
  • Trainer’s booklet including tips, ideas for planning in-service events, and icebreaker games!

     When you order, will send  you a licensing agreement and class catalog to choose and complete.


     *You are responsible for securing approval of your training and/or training event. Child Care Lounge does not complete any assessments or determine completion or credit for any training event using our licensed curriculum. * Contact us for pricing if content is to be used for large volume or resale.

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