Preschool Rainy Days

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Providers on our message board and Facebook page share what they do on a rainy day when the children need to run and play.

  • On rainy days, we get out the baby bed mattress (used just for this purpose only) and I allow the kids to jump on it one at a time. I also have a play hut that folds flat for storage that we get out and they love the crawl through tunnels. We also get out our tri-fold mats and do gymnastics. The kids love this.
    ~Mrs.Tammy (MissTammy_FC)
  • I am fortunate to have an enclosed "Play Porch" with year round screens and Plexi-glass windows for the late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring. It has lots of toys and activity stations for the children to play with and also allows storage for toys which can be brought into the house to be played. It has been a saving grace for me over the last 32 years.
    ~Crystal S.
  • We play hopscotch; we have music and movement; we play twister.
    ~Danyelle L.
  • We play "Listen & Move" by Greg and Steve, and also Freeze Dance, Four Corners, just to name a few.
    ~Miriam O.
  • We dance in the classroom and paint.
    ~Jasmine C.