Tips for Toddler Behavior

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Guidance and Discipline

Substitution - When two toddlers want the same toy, find another similar toy for one of them. (Make it sound like a great thing!)

Redirection - Same principle as substitution, but you just move a toddler along physically into a different area or to a different activity.

Physical Proximity – By circulating throughout the classroom and staying close to the children, you will prevent many problems before they start.

Activities - By providing a wide variety of challenging, diverse activities the day will run much smoother. The children will be busy in a constructive way.

Appropriate Expectations - By knowing what to expect (and can’t expect) of children this age, you will not "set yourself up" - or them - for frustration.

Praise and Reinforcement - Children want to please adults, and this will encourage, reward, and build upon appropriate behavior.

Modeling – Model the manners and behavior you want to see.

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Environment – Make sure that your room arrangement and schedule are working for you, not against you, and are responsive to the childrens needs.

Consistency - Whenever possible, be consistent. Communication is essential!

Rapport - Get to know your children, and develop relationships with them. Know what they like, what they respond to, what agitates them, etc. Develop a relationship in which they know they can trust you.

Childproofing – There should be nothing that the children can get hurt on in your classroom. This will also eliminate having to say "no" to things that they can’t do, or play with. Safety is critical! Do several daily mental checks.

Supervision - Toddlers need to be closely supervised at all times!!! You cannot take your eyes off of them even for a second. Constantly count them, in addition to supervising them. They are very quick and extremely curious!!

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