What Your Provider Wants You to Know: But is Afraid to Tell You

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Here is an open letter to parents written from the perspective of a daycare provider or preschool teacher.

  • I am a professional. I may have chosen this line of work because I love children and I enjoy my job, but this is still my job/business. I have received specialized education and/or training to be a caregiver and educator for young children. I am not a babysitter; I am a professional.
  • I am not getting rich. In many places child care workers make less than public sanitation workers, secretaries and other jobs that require a lot less education and experience. I do get paid in smiles, hugs and recognition of appreciation from families.
  • I need you to read all material and notices. I am counting on you to know the information I send to you in writing. This includes newsletters, notes and contract material.
  • It is important that you communicate with me. Let me know in advance if there will be a change in your child’s schedule, or the services you will need.
  • If I ask you to bring in supplies for your child, please do. And make sure supplies are replenished as needed. This may include extra clothes, art supplies, diapers etc.
  • Remember your child is not the only child in my care. Although I do my best to provide individualized attention at times, I am often unable to change polices or disrupt plans to accommodate the needs of one family.
  • Please do not send your child if they are ill. If they are too ill to participate in the day’s activities they are too ill to be in care. I need to protect the health of other children as well. If your child is or was ill, please notify me.
  • I recognize that you are the most important person in the child’s life. I hope that we can work as a partnership for what is best for the child. Please share with me any concerns or questions about your child’s care and development. Work with me in helping your child learn, grow and develop.