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Directors in Pennsylvania-Here is an easy way to get your staff the professional development that they need!

We can now schedule online self-study training to meet your program's needs! Online self-study professional development. The topic(s) you need, when you need them.

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Just choose from the classes below and let us know when you need them.  SCROLL DOWN FOR FORM We will schedule it and you can then enroll your staff in the event. Minimum of 5 staff is needed and the more advance notice, the better!


Class Title:

Knowledge Area and
Topic Code:

AJL1-Positive Discipline (6 clock hours)

D2.13 C1

AJL3-Proud to Be a Professional! (3 clock hours)

K6.2 C1

AJL4-The Anti-Bias Approach (12 clock hours)

K4.15 C1

AJL5-Infant and Toddler Care (4 clock hours)

K2.9 C1

AJL6-Preschool Science: A Sense of Wonder and Discovery (4 clock hours)

K2.10 C2

BJL1-Promoting Family Partnerships (10 clock hours)

K3.6 C1

BJL2-Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Choosing toys and art activities (4 clock hours)

K1.7 C2

BJL3-Managing Mixed Age Groups in a Child Care Setting (5 clock hours)

D1.7 C2

BJL5-Separation Anxiety (3 clock hours)

K1.2 C2

CJL1-Taming Temper Tantrums (6 clock hours)

K1.2 C2

DJL1-The Impact of Violence on Young Children (3 clock hours)

K1.3 C2

DJL2-Recruiting Child Care Staff (4 clock hours)

D8.11 C1

DJL3-Potty Training in Child Care (1 clock hour)

K1.7 C2

DJL4-Marketing Your Child Care Program (6 clock hours)

D8.17 C1

EJL3-Preschool Math (3 clock hours)

K2.10 C2

FJL1-Bullies: How to Manage and Prevent Their Behavior (2 clock hours)

K2.13 C2

FJL2-Social and Emotional Skills Spell School Success and Readiness(2 clock hours)

K2.13 C1

GJL1-Toddlers - Terrific or Terrible? (2 clock hours)

K1.2 C1

GJL2-Autism in Your Child Care Setting (2 clock hours)

D1.5 C2

HJL2-Understanding and Responding to Biting (1 clock hour)

K1.7 C1

IJL1-Moving and Grooving: Motor Skills and Movement (2 clock hours)

K1.8 C2

JJL2-Theories of Child Development (2 clock hours)

K1.2 C1

JJL3- Classroom Environments: Setting the Stage for Play and Learning(3 clock hours)

K2.3 C2

LJL3- ADHD: Understanding and Responding to ADHD in the Classroom(1 clock hour)

K1.7 C1

MJL1- Routines and Relationships (2 clock hour)

K2.9 C1

MJL2- Where Everyone is Welcome (1 clock hour)

K3.6 C1

  • Classes are approved by PQAS (PA Quality Assurance System). Instructor is PQAS Certified Trainer #CI-0306000. Our classes are also approved for Relative/Neighbor Providers who need to complete training hours. Classes can be used for OCDEL and STARS.
    • Please note that after a class is completed, reviewed and the student receives a certificate via email. The record for that class may take up to 10 business days to be reflected in the PA Keys Registry. 

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