Online Child Care Training Approved in Pennsylvania

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Our online classes are approved in Pennsylvania. 

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to enroll in one of our online child care classes. If your state does have a training approval process, that information is detailed below. Your state may not specifically approve trainings toward the required hours of professional development that you need each year. If so, you may use these classes! Please note that you may also use these class hours towards 120 hours needed for the CDA certificate.

Directors in Pennsylvania-Here is an easy way to get your staff the professional development that they need!

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  • Classes are approved by PQAS (PA Quality Assurance System). Instructor is PQAS Certified Trainer #CI-0306000. Our classes are also approved for Relative/Neighbor Providers who need to complete training hours. Classes can be used for OCDEL and STARS.
    • Please note that after a class is completed, reviewed and the student receives a certificate via email. The record for that class may take up to 10 business days to be reflected in the PA Keys Registry. 

      Of course, you can take any of our classes at any time! ENROLL IN A CLASS NOW

    All Child Care Lounge classes are available in Pennsylvania 


    • Upon instructor review and successful completion of a class, we will send you a PQAS certificate. We also register your information on the PA Keys website for tracking your professional development.
    • If you are a provider interested in starting an in-home child care program or looking to get started working in the child care field, please contact your state licensing agency for the specific requirements, rules and regulations of your state. Pennsylvania's licensing website can be foundhere.